When it comes to hair, Nigerian women are setting major trends with their creativity, fearlessness and pride in their African heritage. From Lagos to Abuja, these are the hairstyles making ladies turn heads across Nigeria right now.

1. Ghana Weaving

Ghana weaving is a classic go-to for Nigerian women wanting to protect their natural hair while still slaying. This versatile style involves cornrowing the hair and then sewing in synthetic extensions. While waist-length ripples are gorgeous, don’t sleep on colourful ombre Ghana weaves with some added bling! These braids let you switch up your look from classy to fabulous.

2. Pixie Cuts

Nigerian women are embracing short hair in a big way. Sassy pixie cuts are the look for showing off your beautiful curls and face. With natural volume and tapered sides, these cuts ooze confidence. Add some striking African prints or hair accessories and you’ve got a style that’s fiercely Nigerian.

3. Kampala Knotless Braids

Inspired by Uganda, these thick rope braids are taking over Nigeria. Kanekalon hair extensions are braided in without knots for seamless, drool-worthy braids. Whether you vibe with bold, multi-coloured braids or prefer understated waist-length styles, Kampala knotless braids are fun and flirty.

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4. Voluminous Fro-Hawks

Fro-hawks are sweeping Nigeria with their cool, eye-catching vibe. Nigerian women are picking out their lush Afros into fierce faux hawks, and we are here for it! This style screams fierceness and power. With the right products and picking technique, you can shape your ‘fro into the ultimate African statement.

5. Goddess Locs

Channel your inner African goddess with these earthy, carefree locs. By twisting or braiding the hair and then wrapping the ends, you get beautiful boho locs with volume at the roots. Goddess locs are the perfect low-maintenance style for Nigeria’s laidback, nature-loving spirit.

Nigerian hairstyling is admired globally, and these trends reveal why. Nigerian women have an unmatched flair and confidence to rock the hottest, most imaginative looks. Get inspired by these styles and show the world how it’s done!