Fashion is a language. Can you speak it?

We’re more than a fashion platform – we’re a vibrant community of style storytellers. We’re inviting you to bring your unique voice to our tapestry of fashion narratives.

What’s in it for you?

  • Share Your Fashion Chronicles: Every outfit has a story and every accessory a memory. We provide a platform for you to share these unique fashion narratives.
  • Make Your Mark: As you share your fashion journey, you’ll create a unique identity in the fashion world. Your style could be the next big trend.
  • Be a Trendsetter: Your fashion insights could inspire a whole new wave of style.

Your Style Story Essentials:

  • Fashion Narratives: We’re all about the stories that make fashion come alive. We’re looking for engaging, relatable tales of style, ideally between 400-800 words.
  • Format: Send us your stories in Word document format (.docx or .doc). This makes it easier for us to review and format your story for our site.
  • Introduce Yourself: We want to know you! Include a short bio (3-5 sentences) with links to your blog, website, and/or social media handles.
  • Visuals: Fashion is visual. Include high-quality, captivating photos that complement your stories. They add depth and colour to your narratives.
  • Originality: Your story must be original. We do not accept plagiarized content. We’re here to share your unique perspective on fashion.
  • Promotion: We’re all about sharing fashion stories, not promotional content or product-selling stories. Keep your stories focused on your fashion experiences.
  • Publication: Please note that submission does not guarantee publication. We publish stories that align with our ethos and resonate with our audience.

Where can you write?

We have a variety of sections for you to share your fashion stories. You can find here the categories we currently have to find the best fit for your narrative, while this is a starting point, we are open to new and dynamic content that might not have a category already here.

Ready to share your fashion story?

If you’re ready to join our community of fashion writers, send your stories to [email protected]. If your story resonates with us, we’ll respond within 1-5 days.

At African Peek, we’re all about celebrating fashion and its unique stories. We can’t wait to read yours!